National Address Law Came to Force

National Address Law Came to Force

The National Address Law No. (24) of 2017 (the "National Address Law") came to force and the Ministry of Interior has commenced a campaign to ensure that all individuals and companies to register their addresses. The government is very strict with respect to applying the National Address Law, therefore the government through the Ministry of Interior announced the practical procedures that need to be followed to comply with the said law.

Ministry of Interior broadcasted a video simplifying the applicable procedures. These procedures are as follows:

For natural persons whether Qatari nationals or foreigners residing in Qatar, they have to do the following to register their national address:

  1. 1. Logging to the national address icon on METRASH2 (i.e. the electronic portal of the government),
  2. 2. Filling in the required info including your personal address in Qatar, work address and your address outside QATAR, and
  3. 3. Confirming the info you inserted by clicking “confirm”.


For companies operating in Qatar, the following procedures need to be taken:

  1. 1. Logging to national address icon on METRASH2,
  2. 2. Clicking on companies,
  3. 3. Filling in the required info, and
  4. 4. Confirming the info you inserted by clicking the confirmation icon.

It should be noted that National Address Law provides for a punishment on the non- compliant person, such punishment is, without prejudice to a higher punishment, a fine that does not exceed QAR 10,000. However, Minister of Interior, or whom he delegates, may settle with the non- compliant person if the latter paid QAR 5000 and rectified his position through amending the wrong information or notify the Ministry of Interior of the required information

Please refer to our initial article on the National Address Law.

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