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December 07 2021

Legal Updates – November 2021

Reshuffling of Qatar’s Cabinet- What should you know, learn more. Qatar Issues a new Law on the Health Care Services, learn more. Qatar Court Update, learn more. New Legal Reform: Qatar Mediation Law, learn more.  The Ministry sets the Maximum Rat...

September 28 2021

Legal Updates – September 2021

Al-Mahakem – Qatar Courts’ New e-Filing System, learn more. Quarantine Restrictions when entering the State of Qatar, learn more. Qatar Tourism issues Regulations regarding Holiday Homes, learn more.

August 15 2021

Legal Updates – August 2021

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Law enacted, learn more. Qatar Issues a Law on the Protection of FIFA’s Intellectual Property Rights, learn more.

August 15 2021

Legal Updates – April 2021

Mandatory Beneficial Ownership Disclosure, learn more.

September 15 2020

Legal Updates – September 2020

Changes to Labour Law & Entry and Exit of Expatriates Law, learn more. New Law on Minimum Wage,learn more.

July 01 2020

Legal Updates – July 2020

Code of Transparency and Conduct of Public Employees, learn more.